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What to expect

Supporting Your Learning

Following your initial contact with Auf Deutsch, I will

  • offer you a free assessment of your current language level and a no-obligation interview to identify your language needs and goals

  • propose an individual learning programme to you, based on your language level and study requirements

  • invite you to join me for a free live online / face-to-face demo and trial session

If you are happy to go ahead with the recommended course programme, I will

  • agree with you a tuition schedule that fits in conveniently with your timetable

  • deliver individually designed classes that focus on topics and language points that are relevant to you

  • give you regular feedback on your learning progress

  • use an overall communicative and interactive teaching approach that is appropriate to you prefered learning style

I work in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

It is my aim to

  • support my students to successfully achieve their learning goals with German

  • provide a professional, friendly and relaxed learning environment

  • make learning German a thoroughly enjoyable experience

Cherry Tree, Carinthia, Austria
Cherry Tree, Carinthia, Austria

How long will it take?

Depending on you previous knowledge of German and your individual learning requirements, you will need approximately the following amount of teaching input.



A1 Breakthrough 60-150 hrs

A2 Waystage 150-260 hrs


B1 Threshold 260-480 hrs

B2 Vantage 480-600 hrs


C1 Effective 600-750 hrs

C1 Mastery 750-900 hrs


Estimated hours are based upon the Goethe Institute exam requirements.

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